Drupal Development


Digital Artisans

Our client for Digital Artisans is from California and this project is a testament to being able to collaborate with a client from any location. This website is a Drupal solution and has some extra functionality. Suzy wanted to create a website where Digital Artisans could create profiles and display certifications so that Digital Artisans as a company could help these artisans connect with potential employers or contract work. She was inspired to pursue this by her nephew and is currently in the process of taking her idea to the next level. 


Benham Schoolhouse Inn

We worked closely with Travis on this website for the Benham Schoolhouse Inn and delivered a Drupal site that exceeded his expectations. Travis and Vada had clear ideas about their brand and the feeling they wanted to evoke with their color palette, fonts, and overall layout. We were also able to incorporate the third party tool that is used for reservations into the website as well as with Facebook. The Benham Schoolhouse Inn is a great place to visit and stay, the restaurant and food are great, and there are several local attractions to enjoy.


MCHC Farmacy

Farmacy is a software solution for a patient program to promote healthy lifestyles. Qualifying patients receive a voucher to be redeemed at a local farmers market. When the patient visits their clinician measurements are recorded for; BMI, blood pressure, weight, age, height, etc and put into the system. The resulting data is used to measure the success of the program over time and relay data to funding partners for research.  If you are a Federally Qualified Health Center you should contact us about utilizing this software and the Farmacy program for your patients.


SOAR Network

This is how you become a part of SOAR! The blueprint provides our path, the network provides the platform to accomplish these objectives. This site enables you to connect with others in our region, exchange ideas, learn, find solutions, get involved, and gives you a connection to the resources you need to work on these objectives we all identified. In this sense, there is no truer form of SOAR than the network, and there is no better way to engage with 54 counties than by simply providing the forum and letting the innovators, the thinkers, the doers, and the entrepreneurs go to work.



EKCEP—the Eastern Kentucky Concentrated Employment Program, Inc.—helps workers and businesses in Eastern Kentucky meet the challenges and seize the opportunities of today's economy. Our team created a new Drupal-based website and migrated existing data and content from old architecture providing greater site security and ease of use for their clients.