Software Solution


Digital Artisans

Our client for Digital Artisans is from California and this project is a testament to being able to collaborate with a client from any location. This website is a Drupal solution and has some extra functionality. Suzy wanted to create a website where Digital Artisans could create profiles and display certifications so that Digital Artisans as a company could help these artisans connect with potential employers or contract work. She was inspired to pursue this by her nephew and is currently in the process of taking her idea to the next level. 


Why Pikeville

The City of Pikeville Economic Development Department is dedicated to encourage, support, and promote the economic vitality of the City of Pikeville and Eastern Kentucky. The City of Pikeville is forward thinking, progressive, and a fast-growing municipality in Eastern Kentucky. We used infographics, animations, an interactive map, photos, and video to help the City represent their objectives. 


Galecia Group

The Galecia Group project is a Drupal based software solution that serves as a reading awards program for kids of all ages.  The software is open source and can be used by libraries to encourage reading by creating a rewards based program.


MCHC Farmacy

Farmacy is a software solution for a patient program to promote healthy lifestyles. Qualifying patients receive a voucher to be redeemed at a local farmers market. When the patient visits their clinician measurements are recorded for; BMI, blood pressure, weight, age, height, etc and put into the system. The resulting data is used to measure the success of the program over time and relay data to funding partners for research.  If you are a Federally Qualified Health Center you should contact us about utilizing this software and the Farmacy program for your patients.