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Project Description

Mayberry is a marketing tool that can be used by rural tourism departments to maximize their minimal resources to a wide audience. Mayberry does this through through user segmentation and graphically compelling story pages that are used in combination with social media to target and direct specific users. It is built with a Drupal backend and is a custom designed content management solution that maximizes your content through user segmentation with an administrative user experience that is intuitive and learned quickly. Mayberry is designed to promote events, attractions, packages, and services, as well as provide a page for detailing your cities Main Street activities, the tourism department staff profiles, and about us information. This system supports image galleries and video galleries for the various promotional types as well as purchase now capabilities for “purchasing” required “material”. When you decide on Mayberry as your solution we will guide you through the process to identify your user segment profiles and we will choose color schemes, font types, and create graphics, that will be customizable to your tourism department and the user segments that we define. Imagine having an an event or a package that is suited to various types of users, now imagine having a system that allows you to upload different photos and “descriptive text” for those users through an intuitive content management experience. Mayberry not only displays those photos with their specific text throughout the website for each event and package, but it does so within a theme that is specific to that segment. The supporting graphics, colors, and fonts all change to appeal to your specific segmented users. The story pages can be utilized in a similar way. You can tell up to three different stories and style them to accompany your user segments - these stories in a graphically compelling way describe the experience from a perspective that you decide of your tourism departments events, packages, attractions, and services. The story pages are used to draw the use into a specific place within your website to result in a sale. Mayberry can be used strategically with social media to target your specific user segments. When you post your segmented images across different applications, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others you will use the photos and text that are targeted to the segment that most uses each type of social media platform. The uniquely crafted post will be linked to that user segmented version of your website and be a tailored experience. If your audience navigates to your site directly they will self identify unknowingly if they navigate to a package subpage from the home page package thumbnails, an option is provided at the top of the page to self identify if the user has used the site before or decides which experience best suits them. Mayberry is a customizable solution and is developed for various plug-ins. Beyond the theme generation that is included, you can add (list add ons here). Mayberry was built specifically for use in our area with our regions particular challenges in mind. We believe that Mayberry is powerful marketing tool that provides a solution to the challenges we face in rural settings. We are satisfied with this product and know you will be as well.

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